Walmart What I bought for Fall 2022

Walmart What I bought for Fall 2022. Again, Walmart has turned it up. I can’t believe the styles they offer. This will be a pretty long post. Lots and lots to choose from. Let’s get going!

Please note the links below are Walmart affiliate links, meaning I get a tiny commission if you buy from that link, at no cost to you. Mighty nice of you! I appreciate you.

Scoop Women’s Faux Leather Moto Jacket

Love this bright red moto jacket. Eye catching for sure. A fresher take on the classic black moto jacket. Versatile and goes with much more than you think. I ordered the large and it’s a bit oversized, but I like it that way. If you like your jackets a bit snug, size down. A steal at $45.

Time and Tru Women’s Shacket

The proverbial shacket. I’ve resisted the trend for awhile. But this one did speak to me. I like the colors, the plaid and the style. I’m not one for big chest pockets and these are less obvious. All for $28. I bought the large and it fits nicely. There is a nice blue plaid option.

Time and Tru Women’s Corduroy Shacket

This one is nice and oversized. So much so, that I’m returning the Large to get the Medium. I don’t tend to wear over sweaters, so I like mine more body fitting. The pocket flaps don’t bother me, probably because of the trendy olive color. All for just $35.

Oversized V-Neck Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater

A comfy and cozy sweater in neutral stripes. Love the V-neck. Sometimes a crew neck feels too confining. Yes, I tend toward claustrophobia! But, really, we should focus on the comfy-ness of this sweater. A steal at Around $20

Time and Tru Women’s Faux Leather Leggings

Truly my favorite faux leather leggings. I have several pairs to make sure one is always ready to wear. Soft, stretchy, non-clingy. Perfect contrast for longer tops and those iconic shackets. Wear with sneakers, booties, even knee high boots. All for $16. A must buy!

Women’s Off Shoulder Wrap Top with Long Sleeves

I’m not a shoulder showing person. I have never felt comfortable with that style. I have large shoulders, so not a body part I want to accent. But this top is so flattering. Yes, I have to wear a strapless bra, but I have a good one. Nice for a sexy date night (wait, do I still have those? LOL). At $19, it worth having, just in case!

Free Assembly Women’s Slim Double Breasted Blazer

Plaid and blazers are trending this season. The double breasted style is flattering for all, the plaid is fun, it’s called Gray, but it’s really black, red, and white. At $45, it’s a good way to add some trendy to your wardrobe. Good for work or casual, you can wear this blazer with jeans and a t-shirt. I will get good use of this one!

Free Assembly Women’s Crop Kick Flare Trousers

Wait, it has matching trousers? A complete suit? But complete separates, as well. Yes, I did buy these too. If you don’t like the suit idea, ditch the jacket and pair with a cute sweater. Looks fantastic with loafters, sneakers, or clogs. At $35, it’s a good deal.

Walmart What I bought for Fall 2022

That’s certainly a lot, but I have more to share, so look for a Part 2. I hope you like these lists. I do enjoy finding fashion items for myself, I also enjoy sharing them with you. The goal is for you to easily find trendy, fashionable style for all ages.

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Thanks for reading this far! I hope you enjoy! Have a great week! ~The Booze Stylist!

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