Walmart What I bought Fall 2022 Part 2

Walmart What I bought for Fall 2022 Part 2. So many things to choose. All of these things I have bought, some I’ve tried on and some I haven’t yet. Normally I have great success with fit which is a big surprise to me! But let’s take a look at what I just bought from Walmart.

Please note the links below are Walmart affiliate links, meaning I get a tiny commission if you buy from that link, at no cost to you. Mighty nice of you! I appreciate you.

Quilted Puff Sleeve Top

This is a slightly different take for me. I am getting used to the puff shoulder sleeves. Even though I am busty, I find them flattering. Maybe they even me out. The salmon color is flattering as well, but it does come in black and cinnamon spice color, so you do you! Brand new, so a price of $27, not too shabby. It does come with coordinately pants, which I’ll share next.

Quilted Drawstring Waist Pant

Athleisure at its best! Yes, it does match the puff shoulder sleeve top. For me, a lounge around the house outfit. I haven’t tried it on, I may change my mind and wear it to the grocery store. You just never know! Again, a flattering salmon color and comfy, cozy style. Other colors include the black and cinnamon spice, so you can do the complete outfit in your own color choice. It’s $27 too.

Quarter Zip Sweatshirt

It’s a quarter zip top, but it has a very sophisticated feel. The color combo is very upscale and the placement of the color blocks is edgy. This is athleisure I will wear out and about. With jeans probably. Comes in other color combos and some solids. A great deal at $18.

Time and Tru Women’s Cable Sweatshirt

Love everything about this sweatshirt. The feel is very upscale, with the cable detail down the sleeves to the slits in the front hem. While it comes in a black, a gray and an orange, I like this pretty blue. I would wear it with leggings or jeans, depending on the day. A nice value at $18.

Scoop Women’s Platform Heeled Sandals

Getting serious 80’s vibes with these shoes. Especially in the gold. With flare jeans trending, these would work so well. There is a higher heel, but the platform helps it not feel so high to your feet! Also available in black suede, and I feel I need those too. At $40, you won’t be mad if you only wear them a few times!

Women’s Faux Suede Shacket with Snaps

You got me at suede with snaps! I feel like this is a classic although it’s called a shacket. This shacket is so versatile. Dress it up with a dress underneath, those gold shoes above or wear with jeans and a tee shirt with sneakers. Whatever fits your lifestyle. $35 is a small investment for such a classic piece that you’ll wear for many years to come.

Waffle Henley Top

Again with the puff sleeves, but they don’t appear very puffy when you’re wearing it. Love the waffle knit on this and the lovely, lovely lavender color. A nice addition to a fall color scheme. It comes in a white, a black, and a rosy lilac too. At $14, buy in all the colors!

Scoop Women’s Faux Leather Relaxed ’90s Pants

I am a complete sucker for a pair of faux leather pants. I have no idea why! It’s really ridiculous. They don’t fit my lifestyle. I get overheated easily. But you betcha I bought these! AT $32 it is worth it, even if they sit in my closet waiting for their time to shine. They come in aubergine and utility green. For me, it had to be classic black. If you want to try this trending style, it not much of a price to try it.

Time and Tru Women’s Quilted Top

More quilting, more puff sleeves, in a Henley style. I can see wearing this with the faux leather pants above. As I mentioned, I’m hot natured so I adore short sleeved winter tops. It’s a style that can be dressed up or worn casually. I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of this one. A steal at $16. It also comes in a mustardy apple juice, winter white and soft turquoise colors. At that price, buy more than one for sure!

Women’s Square-Toe Dress Booties

Some pretty high priced styling here. Love the caramel line running through the base of the shoe and the square toe. Can you say high-end? A comfortable heel height and a square toe means these booties will not only look good but feel good to wear. All of this is a win in my book for $26. Can’t wait to wear them!

Women’s Ribbed Tunic Top

It’s that flattering salmon color again. It does match the first outfit, so you can wear this with the pants if you aren’t feeling the quilted top. This one is also longer, so easier to wear with leggings. Super comfy and soft, this will be a go to all winter long. Comes in 5 other colors, including a brilliant red, which for $16, I’ll probably be buying that color too!

Walmart What I bought for Fall 2022 Part 2

This is the end of part 2. Will there be a Part 3? I don’t know, but as I watch all the fashionable things dropping at Walmart, I expect there will be more. I hope you like these lists. I do enjoy finding fashion items for myself, I also enjoy sharing them with you. The goal is for you to easily find trendy, fashionable style for all ages.

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Thanks for reading this far! I hope you enjoy! Have a great week! ~The Booze Stylist!

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