Walmart Holiday Outfits 2022

Walmart Holiday Outfits 2022. Again, Walmart has stepped up big time in it’s fashion game. The choices range widely but all fun and well priced. They offer something for quiet holidays at home to fancy parties at a party venue. Take a look, see what you like, but order fast! Things are already selling out! Get comfy, this is a long one!

Please note the links below are all Walmart affiliate links, meaning I get a tiny commission if you buy from that link. Mighty nice of you! I appreciate you!

Holiday Printed Long Sleeve Pajama Set

Let’s start with PJs. Really love them on Christmas morning, but wear them any time. We really don’t do matchy pjs (we tried it once, no one liked it), I guess we like to pick our own. These options are just so cute.

Double Dutch Premium Hot Cocoa Mix

What would being all cozy in pjs be without a luscious, delicious cup of hot chocolate! These are the absolute best hot chocolate I’ve ever had! Rich, creamy and delicious. If you try one thing on this list, let it be this one!

Holiday Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Cute and comfy sweatshirts, for those casual times you want to show your holiday spirit, but don’t want to try too hard. Wear with leggings, or jeans and booties. Such cute options.

Dressy Tops

Ohh, the options! Hard to believe these stylist and luxe looking tops come from Walmart! These can pair with anything from velvet leggings to jeans. Lots of current trends to choose from.

Dressy Bottoms/Jeans

Everything from jeans (yes!) to going out on the town bottoms. Faux leather is trending as well as lounge pants. Lots of options whether you like to stay casual or go full on dressy, there is something here you can wear to your holiday events.


The second most fashionable thing to wear now. These options are very festive. Pair with a matching sweater for your next holiday party. Remember you can wear them casually too. Just add a t-shirt and sneakers. Have fun with them!

Fancy Dresses

Dresses are the number one styling choice this season. Seriously, the most incredible selection. If you need one for a fancy holiday party or just want one for fun, this is the time to get one.

Faux Furs and Coats

Faux furs are so fun. When you need one, it’s so good to have. These are nice, affordable choices. I bet you’ll find lots of opportunities to wear it! Try the grocery store. It’s a surprising twist!

Walmart Holiday Outfits 2022

I hope you find that some of these will work for your holiday season. Which is rapidly approaching, I’m afraid to say! Plan ahead and have something ready to go, you never know when an invitation may come.

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Thanks again for reading this far and for any item you decide to purchase. Happy Holiday and Cheers!