The Whiskey Old Fashioned Cocktail

glass of beverage

Ah, it’s a classic, the whiskey old fashioned cocktail. And the old fashioned is as old fashioned as it gets. Cocktails were originally invented to mask or hide the horrible taste of the alcohol distilled before it became craft. Now, we drink the very best liquors in our cocktails.

Here’s the recipe:

Whiskey Old Fashioned

1 sugar cube or splash of simple syrup (homemade recipe here)

Dash of bitters, get creative.

Large ice cube, or fill halfway with ice cubes

2 oz of whiskey, your favorite!

Garnishes:  orange peel, lemon peel, maraschino cherry

In an old fashioned or rocks glass, muddle the sugar and bitters.  Add ice cubes.  Add the whiskey and stir well.  Garnish.  Be sure to use a garnish, it enhances the cocktail immeasurably.  Cheers!

Old Fashioned Cocktail

Alternative ingredients.

Notice there are lots of options to customize your whiskey old fashioned cocktail. It’s fun to play around with different flavored bitters. I was surprised to find out how many there are! Did you know the original Angostura bitters are also used as a tummy tonic? I found that out while traveling, and it was a trip saver.

Simple syrup or any kind of liquid sweetener, like agave or honey, even maple syrup, are alternatives. Each type will affect the flavor of the drink, so again, this is for experimentation purposes.

I did invest in some silicone ice molds last year that make the large round ice cubes. I haven’t tried them yet, but this would be a good time to do it! The larger ice cubes don’t water down the drink as quickly as smaller ice cubes. Depending on the day, I might not mind it being watered down quicker, if I’m drinking quicker.

I think garnishes don’t get the respect they deserve. I think we can all agree that you consume with your eyes first. A lovely looking drink will taste even better. So, go ahead and use some garnishment. An orange peel twist is traditional, but if all you have are lemons, try a lemon peel twist. I know the cherry is the ultimate in sophistication, but I’d throw a blackberry in there in a heartbeat!

However you make your Whiskey Old Fashioned, I hope you enjoy and celebrate today. Afterall, it’s Nashville Cocktail Day. For real. I did not make this up. I saw it on the news this morning.

Cheers! The Booze Stylist.