Project Lipstick

Project Lipstick. In case you were missing my lists, I veered off to another short term project. Maybe (or not!) you have noticed I’ve been pretty silent for for the last several weeks. I’ve been on a different sort of project. It’s been a labor of love, for sure. Probably one of the most enjoyable and frustrating sort of thing I’ve done in a while! Now known as Project Lipstick!

What did I do? I spruced up my parents old house, the one my siblings and I grew up in. It was in various stages of “repairs” and renovations. I went in to “put lipstick on a pig”! (Hence the name). Actually, I wanted to show off its potential. It’s a darling little cottage, needed freshening! So that’s what I did. Mostly by myself, although I did have help, some family (thank you, you know who you are!) and some hired. I spent 15 straight days on it. I’m sharing the results here (although not quite finished).

Project Lipstick Day 1

First, I had to assess the situation. It looked rough. I made a to-do list. A new one every evening so I could be ready for the next day. They looked like this (this was not the first day list):

I also started a “parts” list. You know the things you need to complete the job. I had hoped that a list would keep me from running to the hardware store every day, but, sadly, it happened anyway! Each project required unexpected items, so off to the store I’d go! This was the beginning day for that! Hired a handywoman crew.

Days 2-4

In an effort to consolidate this story, I’ve put some days together. This is how these days went: Clean, clean, clean, clean. Spackle, spackle, spackle, spackle. Caulk, caulk, caulk, caulk, and forever caulking! Run to the hardware store for paint and supplies. Oh, and it was demo day. Not much demo to do, but it got done on one of these days. Watched YouTube videos on how to best paint walls and ceilings. Eat and sleep.

Caulk and Paint

Day 5

Decide the paint is crap. It will need to go back. Handywoman crew shows up. Ask if I need help with the painting (yes, I do!). Hire them to paint, as well as fix multiple items, trim missing, doorframes too big, flooring not installed well, etc. Run to hardware store to buy trim, and assorted supplies. Got to work finishing the upstairs painting. Mostly trying to stay out of the way of the handywoman crew.

Days 6-10

I decided to paint the trim myself, mostly to save money, but also because I don’t mind doing it. I absolutely hate painting walls and ceilings. Just don’t have the stamina for it. Let’s see if I remember some things I did for those days. Prepped stairs for painting, decided to redo the foyer flooring (peel and stick tiles to the rescue). See below, before (sort of) and after.

Before new flooring
After new flooring

Day 11

Painters are still here. It took a lot of coats to cover the original colors. Even with new Sherwin Williams SuperPaint. I have also painted the stairs but neglected to get an after photo ( hopefully the real estate agent will get me one). So, I’ll share the before and after later. Somehow, in moving out my parents, the rest of the kitchen backsplash tiles went missing. Here’s my solution: Before and after


Looks pretty good, I’m happy with it. A huge improvement. Just wish there a range in the space. At least someone will know that it goes there?

Day 12

I’ve put it off and put it off, but the day is here. The remaining backsplash tiles have to be grouted. I’m fairly confident I can do it, but I had some sort of starting anxiety. Best solution: just dive right in. And I did. And it was easy. I actually enjoyed doing it. Here’s some before and after pics.


Days 12-13

Not really sure what I did these days. Probably more trim painting, more caulking, more cleaning. I do know the decision was made to do the same flooring to the back foyer as the front. Sadly, that was one project I just couldn’t get finished. I left ground troops there, so hopefully one of them will finish it. If they do, I’ll share photos. But it also meant a bunch more painting. The trim and the back door. Good think I like painting trim.

Day 14

Getting down to the wire. I have today and tomorrow to finish. There was another tile project I had been putting off. Repairing the bathroom tile. Not sure why it was never finished, and the remaining tile had been lost in the move. I did the best I could. This tile sorta matched, well, not quite the same, but very close. And I patched it as best I could. No judgement please!! I was running out of time and money and materials. Overall, I think it doesn’t look half bad. I will never, ever lay tile myself again. Grouting, yes. But tile, never again!!!


Project Lipstick Day 15 Last Day!

Last day. Tackling small projects. Put new LED can lights in the kitchen ceiling. Installed all the switch plate covers. Hang shower curtain. Cleaning and moving out all leftover materials to the garage. Getting it ready for the deep cleaning crew. I tried desperately to finish the back landing foyer. No such luck. Just not enough time. Oh well. I certainly spruced up the house. A huge improvement in every room.

For sale!

The house will be for sale soon. We’ve got some yard clean up and work on the rest of the deep clean. I’ll be sure to share the listing when it’s live. I know you want to know! I’m also putting together a tool list. If you ever do any kind of home DIY, these will be the tools you need.

If you are wondering what other lists I’m referring to, here’s a couple for you to check out.

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Thanks for reading so far and I hope you enjoy my little project. I appreciate you! Have a great day! ~The Booze Stylist.

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