New for the New Year 2023

New for the New Year 2023. We are currently now at least 2 weeks into the new year. That’s crazy. The holidays are over, decorations are gone, and we now have time for other things. Maybe it’s time to enjoy our hobbies, learn to cook, or just learning a new cooking technique. I’ll share some fun things to do that. Or maybe this is the time you want to start fresh, re-organize some part of your home. See below for some good ideas to help with that. Or, maybe like me you had a goal to clean out your closet? You bet, I’ve made good headway with that! I’ll share the organizing tools I used to revamp my closet.

Let’s get started. By the way, I have a new web site: It was designed to be more user friendly and make the most of the blogs so you can find things easier. Let me know what you think!

Appliances to make cooking easier.

Talking about new skills in the kitchen, this past year I learned to cook with a wok. LOVE IT!! I have one listed below. Maybe you’d like to have more fun in the kitchen, go for the fondue kit. It’s exotic and exciting without being too weird. One last note, these Dash grills/waffle makers are genius. I found it much easier for breakfast than getting out the big skillets, and you don’t have to deal with the heat from the cooktop. Check these out and let me which are your favorites.

Home and Closet Organization

I feel like there are lots of options and lots of other people that cover organization way better than me. These items are the ones I use and know to be helpful. The specific hangers are so useful, definitely you need skirt hangers, the multi bar hangers I use for larger scarves, and the tank top hangers help keep those accessible. So handy. The shoe stackers really work well. Mostly for flats and low sneakers, but that seems to be the majority of my shoes these days. The reusable hooks are the best thing ever! I have used them all over my house, not just the closet. The uses are endless.

Home Decor

The easiest way to refresh your spaces is to update the decorative things: towels, rugs, decorative vases, the list can go on, but I’ve added a few fun finds to add some delight to your spaces. Take a look and see if any tickly your fancy!

Thanks for reading.

Lots of fun things to add some freshness to your home. New for the New Year 2023! Thank for shopping with me! Cheers to a really good New Year!

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