Amazon Prime Organization 2022

I’ve got more Amazon Prime Organization 2022 for you. This time Organizational items that I own and use. But, first, you need an Amazon Prime account. If you need to purchase one, here’s my affiliate link: Amazon Prime. All of the link below will be affiliate links, which means I get a tiny commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase anything. I thank you for being so nice!

Appliance Sliding Tray

Hands down, my favorite organizational purchase ever! This thing is amazing! It is a slider that holds an appliance. I just mine for a KitchenAid mixer. Let me tell you the feeling of never dragging it across the counter again! Just press down and pull….it glides right to you! An assortment of appliance can fit! Think coffee maker, toaster, etc…

Shoe Slot organizers

Again, the ultimate in shoe organization. Totally maximizes your shoe storage space. It’s like getting double the area! And y’all know, I need all the shoe space I can get! These literally are the ticket. I don’t use them for high heels, but for low sneakers and flat sandals, they are the best!

Expandable drawer Organizers

I can’t say enough about these drawer organizers! I was skeptical when I ordered them, they seemed too good to be true and functional, but man, was I delighted when I used them! You can customize your drawer space to fit what you need it to do. No more plastic trays that have the wrong size containers. They work incredibly well for kitchen drawers too. Can’t recommend enough!

Plastic Food Packet Organizer

Look, there’s a million plastic organizers for your pantry and kitchen. I have a bunch myself, but the one I’ve found most useful is this food packet organizer. It hold those spice packets upright, in a position so I can easily and quickly find what I’m looking for. Totally worth the space!

Purse Organizer, 3 sizes

Nothing is worse than digging in your purse to find anything! This handy purse organizer keeps everything organized and handy. It comes in three sizes, so you can get one to fit most sized bags. Need a dark insert? They have multiple colors to choose from! Did I mention how easy it is to switch bags with this? Just lift out and insert in new bag. Done! Love this convenience!

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Warm-up to Amazon Prime Days!

I hope these organizational items can help you like they helped me. I’ll be bringing more ideas to the blog for many other things. Stay tuned! Thanks again for reading this far and for any item you decide to purchase. Cheers!