Amazon Prime Fashion 2022!

Random Amazon Prime Fashion 2022 finds that I think you might like. I have purchased some of these below but not all, so buy at your own risk. Also, they are affiliate links. Just so you know, I get a tiny commission if you buy, at no extra charge to you. If you need an Amazon Prime membership, please click here: Amazon Prime. Thanks for being so nice!

Printed Bucket Hats

How cute are these? There are many reasons to cover your head in the summer, and these are just the most fun way to do it. You get the 4 below, so you have choices!

Ladies Summer Print Kimono

How lovely is this? So many ways to style it: over a tank, as a coverup, or as a top layer over a dress. And a bunch of fun prints to choose from. Go find you one!

Summer Wrap T-shirt Dress

Now this one I do own, and I LOVE it! It’s a very flattering fit for anyone. The tie in front brings attention to all the right areas, and the length hits just above the knee for me. I have the black but am seriously considering a few other colors. So easy to wear, I added some white sneaks and it looked so pulled together. Also works well with the kimono above!

Hair Scrunchies

Yes, they are back in style. And here are enough options in one purchase to coordinate with any outfit. Brings back memories….

Braided Heel Sandal

It’s so nice to find a truly fashionable, comfortable heel. The 2″ heel on this one is very wearable and walkable. And stylish! With so many color choices, it’s a must add to your closet.

Rhinestone Bucket Bag

You know this post wouldn’t be complete without some bling. And boy, does this bag bring the bling. No surprise, but I own this exact bag. Bought it from Amazon. And it really is cute! The medium is just the right size, hold your phone and other necessities and carries really well. This is the right bling bag, just sayin’!

Alrighty, I think this is enough fashion for one day. I appreciate you taking the time to read this blog and get this far. I also appreciate any purchase you decide to make. It does help make these blogs more enjoyable to produce.

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