Amazon Prime Days 2022!

It’s that time of year, Amazon Prime Days 2022 is rapidly approaching. Time for a warm-up shopping experience. Fair warning, these are random items. Nothing makes sense together, but there’s a good chance you’ll need them all! BTW, I haven’t tried any of them. These are all affiliate links. Buy at your own risk. If you need to purchase a Prime membership, please use this affiliate link: Amazon Prime. Thanks!

This post is for random stuff to get you into the mood for shopping. These items are considered interesting finds by Amazon themselves. I’m going to share my favorites with you. Maybe you will find them interesting enough to purchase.

Maybee Beekeeping Starter Kit

You know you’ve been wanting to keep bees for awhile now. This set is really quite the bargain. No need to try and figure out what you need….it’s here already. Let me know how it goes with the bees!

Lady Tool Kit Set

This one is in my cart, after I had to resort to borrowing my grandson’s children’s tool kit to work on my closet. Oops! He was thrilled to share, but the tools were a bit small to work with. Plus, this ladies kit has more tools and options. Plus, it’s pink. That way I’ll know when someone borrows one!

Peonies Paint by Number

I got into paint by numbers during the COVID lockdowns. They have really come a long way in terms of quality. And so much fun to do. Check this one of peonies. One of my favorite flowers. Give it a try. f

Citrus Juice Squeezer

We were on a recent weekender trip, and our breakfast place served fresh squeezed orange juice. It was amazing! Makes this appliance a must have!

That’s all for now.

Hope you enjoyed the randomness of these products. Watch for more deals on fashion, home and electronics to come soon. Happy Shopping!

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