Amazon Prime Days 2022 List #2

Amazon Prime Days 2022 are here. And this is List #2. Not alot of chatter, there’s too much buying to be done! As always, these are affiliate links which means I get a tiny commission if you buy, at no extra cost to you. Pretty awesome and I thank you for being so nice!

One other thing: If you need to get a Prime membership, click here for a free 30 day trial.

Iphone Lighting Chargers

I mean, I never have enough! Do you? And these are the fast chargers. So important!!

Large Salad/Pasta bowls

Yes, you need these. I actually own these and they are the most versatile dishes I have in my cabinets. You won’t regret buying these!

Electric Salt & Pepper Grinders

Want the freshest salt and pepper? These electric grinders will do the trick! No more twisting by hand.

Folding Utility Cart

Everyone needs one of these. Just sayin’, I ain’t carryin’!

All-in-one Nonstick pan and lid

I love a all-in-one pan. Less to clean up, theoretically! And they come in so many pretty colors.

Stainless Electric Kettle

As far as electric kettles go, this is a good one at a great price. I have them in several places in my house and they are just so handy! Buy this one and you’ll see for yourself!

Kitchen Sink Glass Rinser

Say what?!?! I did not know I needed this until this moment. This could cut down on a lot of dish washing! What do you think?

Taco vs Burrito Game

I have no idea how to play this game, but I’m intrigued! Sounds like a fun time, anytime! And it’s award winning!

And I think we’ll end on the fun note! Lots more seeking and finding on Amazon Prime Days 2022. Stay tuned for more of that! And List #2 is a wrap! Happy shopping!