Amazon Kitchen essentials 2022

Amazon Kitchen essentials 2022 are just that! Things you need in the kitchen. Again, I have most of the these, use them almost daily and don’t know how I’d manage in the kitchen without them. Please note these are Amazon Affiliate links…I get a tiny commission if you choose to buy something, while costing you nothing extra! Thank you for being that nice!

Milk Frother for Coffee and drinks

Something I use everyday to mix my coffee. It also comes in handy for those cocktails. You just can’t beat the quick, handy mixing ability.

Meat Chopper

This one gets two pictures, it’s so good. Once you understand what it can do for you, you’ll agree that it’s a must have. If you cook with a lot of ground meats (beef, chicken, or turkey, etc), you will find this a godsend!

Enamel Coffee Filter Holder

Seriously, how cute is this coffee filter holder??? I haven’t hung mine yet, so it sits, propped up again the wall and still looks cute! It is amazingly handy and so easy to use even the hubs (who make the coffee) can reach one quickly.

Stretch Tite Wrap N’ Snap Dispenser

I never thought of one, but I watched Ina Garten on Barefoot Contessa (this is where I learned to cook!) and she uses one! So handy. If you have the space, it is a snap! I hate fighting with the box of cling wrap. This dispenser allows you to pull it over the food before snapping it off. Pretty handy if you ask me! You’ll also need the plastic wrap. I’ll link it too.

Plastic Pan Scrapers

I am never without these in my kitchen. I got some at one of those home cooking parties many, many years ago. And they’ve been with me ever since. Not those exact ones, but just like these. They work every time, don’t scratch the pans, and can be used on every type of surface. If you need to scrape it, this is the tool for the job!

Alumium Foil Sheets and Parchment Sheets

Seems indulgent, and maybe it is, but these are the best things since sliced bread! Easy and ready to go for your cooking needs, I use them almost daily. I hope I never have to cut my finger open with a tear off pkg of foil or parchment again! Worse than I paper cut, I swear!

One last one!

8 inch wire whisks

Again, Ina had them, in a little clay pot, on her counter during her cooking shows. I wanted them badly. So I ordered them. And I use the heck out of them. No more trying to use a large whisk, when all you need it a small, quick whisk. I am still searching for the best container for them, so they are in a too large jar, but I’ll find an Ina worthy container soon! They do come in other sizes. I currently have the 7″ and 5″ ones, too but I find the 8″ ones to be the most usable.

Okay, I think that’s enough at this time. I’m sure to add to this list in the future or do another one entirely. Thanks again for reading this far. I hope you find these items as useful as I do. And thanks for any purchase. I appreciate you being that nice!

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