Amazon Interesting Finds you need 2022

Amazon Interesting Finds you need 2022. These are things Amazon and I agree are items of interest. They might also interest you. Because I think we all need more stuff in our lives! I mean, if Amazon is already coming, why not? Let’s have some fun with this post! I have not purchased most of these, hoping you will and let me know!

Please note the links below are all Amazon affiliate links, meaning I get a tiny commission if you buy from that link. Mighty nice of you! I appreciate you!

Ultra Paper Plates

Not exciting, I know, but Summer time is for paper plates. Who has time to do dishes when it’s still sunny out? I suppose any paper plates will work, this one is a safe bet! Ultra strong! That’s a good thing, so let’s pile that plate high! If I’m cooking, I’m eating!

G-Shock Red Watch

It might be the all red color, it might be the style, but I am in love with this watch. Not exactly sure why…but I do want it! And you might too! I think I have to do another post for all things red!

Portable Folding Wine and Champagne Picnic Table

This is genius! It’s like they know me! Portable, so I can have it with me always! And it’s also for charcuterie! I think I’ll be down for more picnics now. Seriously, this is brilliant! Place in cart!

Earbud Cleaner Kit

I love my earbuds, and while I think sharing earbuds with anyone is gross, I can see the need to clean them. Just looking at mine, I can see why anyone would need this tool. I like a clean earbud just as much as much as the next person.

Wall Shelf Outlet

I don’t know, maybe you have your charging stations all set up like an Instagrammer, but over here, we plug things in anywhere. Frustrating, yes! But this solves so many problems. Works for a phone, a speaker, anything that sits and needs to be charged. Definitely a game changer in our house!

Wall Shelf Outlet

High Powered LED Flashlight

I mean, who has a flashlight when you need it? We are always searching for one. This is all metal, has three brightness settings and fits snuggly in your palm. I must have, in my opinion.

I hope you find some of these useful. Things you just didn’t know you needed. If you liked these items, try looking at some of my other posts for other things you didn’t know you needed. You’re welcome!

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Thanks again for reading this far and for any item you decide to purchase. Cheers!