Amazon Fall Finds you need for 2022

These are Amazon Fall Finds you need for 2022. Fall, you’re thinking, is too far away to worry about yet! But, is it? Won’t it fly by, as always? It’s not too soon to start thinking of fall, some people wait all year for fall. So let’s get started!

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Clear Crossbody Purse Bag

With fall comes football. We all know it. And for those lucky enough to get to some games, this is a stylish bag to carry. It’s handy to have around, for those last minute invites and they tell you that you can only bring a clear bag….ask me how I know that one!

Smiley Face Slippers Cozy and Fluffy

If these slippers don’t make you happy, well, I just don’t know what will. I smile every time I see them. And you had me at cozy and fluffy. These will do very nicely for fall.

Myra Bag Canvas Bag

This bag just screams fall to me. It’s just a huge bag. Perfect for fall, since I tend to carry extra stuff with me, like a jacket or sweater, rain boots, and maybe even a blanket. Plus all the normal stuff like sunglasses, a bottled water and a book. You know, the stuff you need.

Acorn LED string lights

Oh my, these are so cute for fall. I am just loving the light up acorns. The best for fall decorating. At 10′ long, it has so many applications. I’m adding to cart. The plan is using them for table displays…sounds like a future post to me.

16 pc. Rustic Harvest Velvet Pumpkins

I never grow tired of these. Working hard on my fall decorating theme, and these fit the bill. Hopefully you too can find a place in your fall holiday decorating.

5 Foot Artificial Silk Bird of Paradise Palm Tree Potted Plant

Fall is the time of year to bring in your porch plants. I don’t have any of those, but I am open to using faux. It’s a good thing faux is a thing, because I really don’t have a green thumb. This one below is a particularly nice specimen I can keep looking good.

Chapstick S’mores Collection

Where are my ChapStick fanatics?? Graham cracker, marshmallow and milk chocolate ChapStick lip balm, oh my! Just think of the layering combinations! This is fall in three small tubes without all the hassle. Works for me!

Faux Wood Table Covers

Think about the decorating possibilities with these tablecloths! My mind is spinning right now. Maybe yours is too! I’d love to know how you’d style it! Try it and send me pics!

Wrap it up!

I think I’ll wrap it up here. Here’s to another list. Amazon Fall Finds you need for 2022. Fall may not be on your radar just yet, but it will. If you’re still looking at summer stuff, check out my other blogs below. Again, thanks for reading this far and I appreciate your time.

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